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Finding stylish maternity clothes for work is no longer difficult since the surge in popularity of functional yet attractive maternity wear has taken over large sections of many department stores. Formerly, women who were more than four months pregnant had nothing to wear but sweatpants, plain blue jeans topped with stretchy material of a different color and simply tailored, oversized blouses. Now the choices in maternity wear include designer evening dresses, figure-flattering leggings and colorful, comfortable tops.

Mommy Appelseed Stylish Maternity Clothes


For the working soon-to-be mother who works in an office and likes flowers, offers the Floral Hailey Maternity Top for purchase from their online store. Designed to keep you warm in cool weather, this pretty top has a scoop neck style and side shirring to flatter your pregnancy-caused curves while giving you plenty of room to remain active.

Made with a lycra/viscose fabric and machine washable, the Floral Hailey maternity top will look great when combined with Lyon Corduroy Maternity pants, also available at MommyAppelseed. Sophisticated and sleek-looking, these corduroy pants have a comfortably elastic waistband that does not pinch or cause “wrinkles” in your sensitive skin. You can wear Lyon pants at work, while running errands or even to an evening dinner.

If you are looking for other stylish maternity clothes, you will find the Mix-It Dress by Rock Star Moms on Mommy Appelseed’s website as well. Versatile and adjustable for all stages of your pregnancy, this nifty black dress provides nine different looks including halter, one shoulder, strapless, skirt, front wrap and other designs. The Mix-It Dress's rich violet color compliments any skin or hair color and you can accessorize it with a variety of shoes, purses, belts or scarves.


For date night with your significant other, offers maternity wear such as the Spaghetti Strap Beaded Detail maternity dress featuring a flattering V-neck and soft, breathable chiffon-blend fabric that allows you to feel comfortable and sexy for hours. Also found at Motherhood is the sleeveless, knee length Empire Waist Maternity dress with split-style neckline that will accentuate your favorite necklace or choker.

Unbuttoned Maternity

Easy to wear and take off, the leather trim Halter Maxi Dress available at Unbuttoned Maternity is chic, unrestricting and charming enough to wear in casual and semi-casual settings. The empire waists give you a belted look without the tight feeling that wearing a belt gives to women who are visibly pregnant. Whether you wear sandals or flats, this delightful dress will keep you comfortable, cool and classy for as long as you wear it. Machine washable fabric composed mostly of polyester with about 4 percent spandex included.

Trendy Tummy Maternity

If you have a job where you need to dress it up, shop at Trendy Tummy Maternity and find the perfect cocktail wear by Kate. Available in a rich variety of different colors including jade and magenta, the Kate Maternity Cocktail Evening Dress is lined, gathered at the bust and offers a sensuous V neckline. It also comes with a beautiful pin attached at the empire waist, which you can remove if desired. Additionally, this dress will fit you throughout your pregnancy and looks stunning with either heels or flats.

Include the Kourtney One Shoulder Maternity formal dress in the list of stylish maternity clothes available from Trendy Tummy Maternity. Created from flowing, comfortable jersey fabric with a zippered back and attached sash, this Kourtney designer maternity dress is the ultimate dress perfect for all occasions from business dinners to anniversary parties. As a transitional dress that adjusts to your growing belly and curves, you will be able to wear it even after you have had your baby.

One of the best things about modern stylish maternity clothes for work and all occasions is that you can wear them even when you are not pregnant, which makes them an economical addition to your pre-and post-pregnancy wardrobe.

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