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A pregnant body is a beautiful body, though you might not feel that way with all of the changes occurring on the inside and outside, causing alterations to your appearance. Despite this normal, and temporary, metamorphosis, you can still look stylish, modern and be comfortable by shopping around for a maternity line of clothing that best suits your fashion taste. Today’s pregnancy clothing retailers know that women want variety and the chance to always look their best, which is exactly what you get if you know where and how to shop.

The First Trimester

During the first trimester, your body may not go through many physical changes, as you do not even know you are pregnant until about the sixth week and morning sickness might cause you to actually lose weight. Still, your body may choose to expand your hips and store nutrients early on or your pregnant body might not start showing until the third month, but in either case, the first trimester is the time to start shopping for maternity clothes.

You may only need some undergarments or waist expanders at first but if you need a new wardrobe, jeans, leggings, formal wear, business casual attire and cozy pajamas are all available through a number of venues.


Whether you are a fashionista or just like to moderately participant in the current trends, you can find what you want at prices you can afford. A well-known retailer of maternity products, Motherhood has a line of comfortable, stylish, affordable clothes to keep you looking up-to-date with the current trends.

If you prefer fitted to relaxed or colors to neutrals, they have a line of leggings in full or three-quarter length that feature a lace print or a variety of colors, such as pink, blue, cranberry, light or dark grey and of course, black. For additional comfort, you can also choose a pair that sits below your pregnant belly or one that covers it.

Pink Blush is another maternity retailer that can offer you trendy styles at affordable prices, as they have jeans and skirts that are in the now. They have blue or black skinny jeans, along with the ever-comfortable boot-cut jean, perfect if you need more legroom, and a large selection of skirts. Specializing in the maxi skirt, ideal for any time of year, Pink Blush carries this item in a wide range of patterns, from tie-dye to stripe to bohemian flare. For roughly $27, you cannot go wrong, as this is a low price to pay for comfort, style and keeping your body adorned in modern trends.


Mama Spanx Full Length Maternity Pantyhose

Lingerie could be the last thing you want to buy for your pregnant body, as you might feel anything but sexy, especially since these undergarments are more for function and to ease discomfort than they are for making you feel attractive. However, A Pea in the Pod does a good job of combining purpose with desirability, as they offer maternity bras completely made of lace, as well as one with just a lace trim.

This specific retailer also has a variety of demi bras to give you a bit of a boost and seamless nursing bras with a crisscross cut that reveals a little bit of cleavage while also providing support. Additionally, A Pea in the Pod, along with most other maternity stores, carries bra extension clips, which enable you to increase the size of your bra so you do not have to spend more money and buy new ones as your breasts continue to grow.

A pregnant body can bring discomfort, high costs and make you feel unattractive but with the right style of clothes, soft materials, coupon savings and clearance racks, you can reduce the stressful aspects of your pregnancy and focus on the more important ones, like the life growing inside you.

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