Pregnancy Pillow

As you enter the final trimester, you will find a pregnancy pillow one of the most useful purchases you make. In the last three months, your baby grows at an ever-increasing rate meaning that you are going to be feeling more uncomfortable.

Sleeping Dangerously

U-Shaped Maternity Back & Body Pillow

The sheer size of your stomach means that you will want to sleep on your back, but you put you and your baby at risk by doing this as it can lean on the main artery in your back restricting blood flow. It is much better to sleep on your left side but this can become uncomfortable, which is why a specialty pillow will help.

A typical pregnancy pillow will fit between your legs, which can help reduce pelvic pain. It will also tuck underneath your stomach allowing you to lie on your side in comfort. You do not necessarily want a firm pillow for this part as your stomach will be quite hard at this point and you will need your pillow to have a bit of give.

Full Bed Pillows

The most comfortable type of pregnancy pillow is the full bed pillow, which is a full wrap around pillow that offers support to your back as well as fitting between your legs. A tense back is one of the worst symptoms of the final trimester but you can do little to stop it as the baby constantly pulls you forward and down. The full bed pillow helps to relieve some of this pain as well as keeping you in the right position throughout the night.

The best pillows to look at include:

  • Today’s Mom – This pillow comes shipped as a giant u-shaped pillow, which you nestle in the middle to sleep. The soothing, softness surrounds you and while it may not fit under your belly, it can support for your head and legs. A brand new pillow costs about $70.
  • Comfort-U –This pillow is a slightly smaller version of the pregnancy body pillow and you need to sleep with bent legs to get the full benefit. It is made from foam giving you more support. The best feature is that it splits into three parts once you have given birth, turning into a nursing pillow as well. Brand new, it will cost around $100.
  • Leachco – The Leachco model is one of the easiest to clean as it comes with zippered covers that are machine washable. It is made from a polyester mix making it one of the firmer pillows on the market but the firmness also means that you can use it to support your belly. This pregnancy pillow will also cost around $100 from their online store.

Beware that buying a full bed pillow may be great for your comfort levels and sleeping patterns but it will take up most of the room in your bed. Make sure that you consult with your partner before buying one, as otherwise you might be sleeping in different rooms before too long.

Smaller Pillows

If the idea of sleeping alone does not appeal to you, then you will need to find a smaller pillow that will not take up so much room. Dreamgenii offers a much slimmer version that wraps around your neck and shoulders without going down your back. You still get the same support for your legs and belly as well as a built in pillow for your head meaning that your partner will not have to sleep elsewhere. You will still pay between $50 and $70 depending on the model and style, but it also doubles as a nursing pillow once you have your baby.

You have to put up with many aches, pains and discomforts throughout your pregnancy, some of which you cannot easily escape. Investing in a pregnancy pillow is one item that can ease some of the discomforts and allows you restful sleep, so you can meet the other challenges that you cannot so easily remove.

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