Pregnancy Journal

Many moms-to-be like to keep a pregnancy journal from the moment they find out about the impending new arrival. It does not have to be only for the first child as the entire experience can be different for each pregnancy. Each journey is unique and special, and sharing it with the child later is an exciting prospect.

These diaries can be hard copies, especially for those moms who want to have a solid memento to pass on to the child. Some moms keep private online journals, while others document the journey to motherhood in online blogs that they share. For those who choose to write in physical journals, they may need more than one depending on how many details they include and how often they write in them.

Since a pregnancy journal is a record of your journey to parenthood, you need to put in dates. Depending on the event, some expectant moms even put the time of the entry or event. Some people personalize their diaries by putting drawings or poems inside, while others decorate the covers with special things such as the picture of a positive pregnancy test.

What to Include in a Pregnancy Journal

Include just about everything in your diary whether it is electronic or not. Write down your food cravings, portions and just about anything relating to the pregnancy. Make a note of each doctor’s visit, as well as the discussions that took place, and who went with you. While what you put in the journal or scrapbook is a personal decision, some basic information most pregnant women include, is:

  • Thoughts and feelings - A journal is a good place to share your emotions about the life you are carrying. Women often have varying degrees of excitement, fear, exhilaration and moments of doubt during this time and being able to write their thoughts down helps them to cope. Sometimes how the dad-to-be feels and discussions you have as a couple can also make their way into the diary.
  • Symptoms - Yes, this is definitely not the fun part of any pregnancy, but you should write about the symptoms that alerted you to the fact that you might be pregnant. During the first trimester, many moms will have to deal with queasy stomachs, nausea, and morning sickness in it its variations. A lucky few will not go through this stage, but even they will have some symptoms to record during the first trimester in the journal.
  • Milestones - Each stage of a pregnancy is a celebration and recording milestones such as hearing the heartbeat for the first time, or the first ultrasound picture are ideal for placing in the journal.
  • Letters to the Baby - Writing to your baby is also a means of connecting and many diaries contain these letters and notes to the unborn child. Some moms share how much they love the child growing inside them.
  • Pictures - Few things bring back memories like looking at pictures. A pregnancy journal tends to have a lot of pictures. Some of the most popular pictures are those of the mom in various stages of pregnancy, from a barely visible bump to the moment just before delivery. Other pictures include mom and dad together, the nursery and first outings.
  • Plans - Include your plans and aspirations for your child and for your entire family. Who knows, this might help to inspire the child later.
  • Include other bits and pieces of information - Attach a list of the first purchases including receipts if you have a hardcopy journal. Otherwise, scan and add them to your electronic diary or blog. If you get notes or emails from family and friends include those as well. Keep gift cards and pictures of gifts you receive and place those in your journal.

A pregnancy journal is one of those things that a mom can look at years later and smile about the memories. Some women use them as reminders of previous pregnancies as they compare notes. The one thing to remember when writing this diary is that you do not have to spend time being perfect. Make it a daily habit to write in your diary, no matter how insignificant it may seem, as you are building memories for a lifetime.

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