Pregnancy Comfort

For many women, the words pregnancy comfort may seem like a contradiction. During pregnancy so many issues can develop that make it difficult to be physically at ease as apart from morning sickness, other complaints include swelling of the feet, backaches, difficulty sleeping and many other reasons. During all the stages of pregnancy, most women will not be as comfortable as they want to be, but they can reduce some of the discomfort.

Eating Smaller Portions

During the first trimester, morning sickness affects a majority of pregnant women. One way to help combat this is to eat smaller portions as well as eating more frequently throughout the day. Since heartburn kicks in by the second or third trimester, smaller portions will also help to deal with this. To help with these two pregnancy-related conditions, try to avoid lying down immediately after eating and to minimize the intake of spicy foods.

Wear the Right Size Clothing

Maternity Support

During the first trimester, many women can still fit into some of their regular clothes but as they approach the second trimester, they will need maternity clothes. For pregnancy comfort, you also need to buy maternity bras, as your breast size will increase. Choosing natural fibers such as cotton is also helpful since it breathes and helps to keep the mom-to-be cool.

If your regular clothes fit but begin to feel tight around the waist, you can improve your comfort level by wearing bellybands. Popular brands include Baby Be Mine and Ingrid & Isabel, which offer bellybands in various colors that are great for putting around the waist of pants or skirts that are difficult to button or zip up. Bellybands also are available to support the baby bump and alleviate back pain.

Use Pillows

As your tummy gets larger, especially during the third trimester a pregnancy pillow can be your best friend at bedtime. This is one essential pregnancy comfort item for expectant women who need to accommodate the weight of their bellies when lying down. Smaller pregnancy pillows for aching backs and necks when sitting down are also helpful. For the working woman who spends a lot of time sitting, having a pillow to lean against can help alleviate backaches. The pregnancy body pillow is available in most maternity stores so finding the correct size is easy.

U-Shaped Maternity Back & Body Pillow

Keep Your Feet Up and Wear Flats

Swelling of the feet is common in pregnancy and being able to keep feet elevated is important for alleviation. Wearing heels while pregnant might seem stylish, but it isn’t the best way to treat your feet while carrying around a large baby bump. Get a pair or two of comfortable flats to help your feet deal with the extra weight. Flats are especially helpful for those women who have to spend a lot of time on their feet.

Stay Cool and Keep Hydrated

For pregnancy comfort, keeping cool is necessary especially as you go into your second and third trimesters. The average pregnant woman will feel hot most of the time. In the summer avoid tanning and stay out of the sun as much as possible since heat rash and itchy skin conditions are common. For some reason, dehydration is common during pregnancy, so make sure to drink fluids.

Miscellaneous Comforts

Other tips include getting some pampering at a salon if your doctor approves and some women find taking pregnancy yoga a good way to deal with common aches and pains. Handheld massagers, heating pads and aromatherapy oils can all make life easier for a pregnant woman. Some women find that inhaling their favorite fragrance while having a bath helps ease tension and even helps them cope with nausea.

Creams/lotions are also a good way to provide soothing relief for the body pains so common at this time, especially during the last few weeks of a pregnancy. Many will attest that these pregnancy comfort activities help them during childbirth as well.

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