Pregnancy Announcements

Pregnancy announcements let everyone in on the big news. The way of telling the big news has evolved considerably over the years, much as marriage proposals have. For the most part, we have become more creative at expressing ourselves. Ideas for sharing the good news range from elaborate productions to simple guessing game.

Making Pregnancy Announcements

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It is easy to understand why a mom or a couple would go to a little trouble to make the occasion memorable. Whether you want to tell the dad or extended family, here are a few good ideas to get you started.

Some women prefer simple ideas like giving the dad a simple token that hints at the upcoming arrival. Others prepare a special meal with hints being the type of food served such as baby carrots. These days that is hardly enough for most women, but even the biggest ideas should be relatively easy to implement. A few ways to share this exciting news include:

The Pea or bean: The pea or bean in a pod is one of the most time-honored and simple concepts we link to a pregnancy. The Pea in a Pod is even the name of a popular line of maternity clothing. The variations to this include placing a pea in a pod in a place he is sure to see it. It can also be left on a plate at the dinner table or even in his briefcase or other obvious places.

This works best for the woman who wants to share the news with her significant other. As simple as the idea is however, do not be surprised if it takes him a few minutes to get it.

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Hints: A fun way to share the news with the husband or boyfriend is leave little hints lying around the home. A baby bootie, a soother or a crib charm for a bracelet can work equally well.

The Ultrasound: Nothing will be more obvious than the test that shows that you are pregnant. This can work for the friends and family members.

Online: Many people have personal websites, blogs and Twitter feeds these days. Depending on how close you are to your online friends, you could share your announcements this way.

You could also check the available privacy settings if you want to use social networking websites such as Facebook. This way you can have control over who is able to see your message.

If you don’t consider it too impersonal, a mass email to friends and family who are far away is a good idea. You can even attach an e-card to beef up your presentation. Placing a picture of your ultrasound showing your little bean on Facebook is becoming a common way to announce a pregnancy.

T-shirts: Cute t-shirts for mom, dad or even siblings are great and fun ways to spread the news. Have fun message printed on such as “I’m going to be a big brother or sister” or “Start calling me mommy or daddy”.

Family gathering: Some people like the idea of sharing the news with as many close family members at once, so that no one feels left out. Organize a little get-together that will not require too much preparation or save the news if possible until a family get-together such as Thanksgiving.

Why Make Pregnancy Announcements

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Aside from sharing the good news, there are practical reasons for telling those closest to you. Right from the get-go they will be there for you, to assist in any way they can. For some women, the first few months can be challenging so having this kind of emotional and practical support can make all the difference.

The timing of the pronouncement is important as it is best not to tell too many people in the first trimester. Telling too many people too early can make it that much more difficult to tell them if something does go wrong. However, telling those closest to you can be helpful as you will have the support you need if the worst should happen.

Making pregnancy announcements is something most women look forward to doing. Whenever you choose to do it, there are many useful ideas floating around. You can use one of those offered here and put your own personal spin on it. The bottom line is that this is your moment, and it should be exactly as you want it to be.

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