Plus Size Maternity Clothes

Plus size maternity clothes provide comfort, come in trendy styles, cater to your curvy figure and retail for a variety of prices so you can find what you want while still staying in your budget. You can choose pieces that flatter your curves, mask your baby belly, keep you cool during hot flashes or keep things simple with wardrobe staples. No matter what your style, you can find a maternity store to fit your big is beautiful physique.

Destination Maternity


Your maternal instincts surely drive you to your destiny of becoming a mother but Destination Maternity can help you dress for your journey. The plus size maternity clothes sold by this retailer have positive customer reviews and a variety of product styles to make you feel attractive.

One of their best selling items is a collection of pants labeled Secret Fit Belly, which offers some variety but other soon-to-be-moms love these pants so much they are demanding a wider selection of choices. A favorite among this collection is the super stretch slim leg jeans in a dark blue wash, though reviews suggest the manufacturer create this jean in more than just this one color. Still, customers gave this pair of pants five stars for comfort and being true to size.

A functional accessory that saves you money by increasing the amount of time you wear your regular clothes, as well as your plus size maternity clothes, is the tummy sleeve. This transitional piece helps cover and smooth lines caused by wearing your pants with the button open and offers extra comfort if you wear it folded down. This fitted belly cover also provides additional support for your baby bump, back and after your pregnancy, as your stomach is healing. Available in black and white for less than $17, it is a piece you should consider adding to your maternity wardrobe.

Woman Within

Woman Within is an online retailer that specializes in colorful, trendy, plus size maternity clothes so you can always look and feel your best. Just imagine how good you can look in a pair of red, violet or jade leggings with a flowing, comfortable cotton tunic in the same color, which features roll up sleeves for added comfort. On chilly fall days or breezy summer evenings, you can opt to add a sheer metallic cardigan with a cascading bottom in silver, red, black or teal.

Not every woman has a simple, healthy pregnancy and if this applies to you, you might be spending a lot of time at home in bed. In this case, cozy pajamas may better suit your mood and help make you feel better, especially if they have matching slippers. Woman Within offers a silky, two-piece pajama set in multiple colors with a v-neck that meets a bow in the middle, scalloped short sleeves and a few ornate pearls.

To complete this look and add another layer of comfort, try a pair of satin ballet slippers, which you can wear throughout your pregnancy, as well as after, in lavender, pink or aquamarine for less than $10. If you prefer something warmer, try a soft, faux fur trimmed, snowflake-embellished slipper with a memory insole.

Plus size maternity clothes offer you all the latest trends at an affordable price so you can be in fashion and save money to put towards other expenses associated with your new baby. You can shop on site or online, the latter of which provides a great solution to you if you are bed ridden or simply do not have time to go to the store, as you are sure to be busy with many other tasks to prepare for your baby’s arrival.

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