Nursing Pillows

Nursing Pillow in Solid Pink

Having a couple of nursing pillows should be one of the first nursing accessories that go on your baby shower list. Even if your baby comes in under the average seven pound mark, you’ll be surprised at how heavy he will become after the sixth feed in a day.

A baby-feeding pillow supports the weight of the baby while keeping him in the best position for breast feeding. Interestingly, the traditional C shape comes from their original purpose to prop babies up, but have since been adapted for nursing as they wrap comfortably around your middle.

Boppy Pillows

If you’re going to buy one brand of nursing pillows, then look no further than Boppy. They have won just about every major award and have been voted America’s best baby-feeding pillow for 10 years running in American Baby magazine. They feel like memory foam, which will quickly make them your baby’s favorite place to sleep.

Each pillow comes with a simple slip-on cover, meaning that it’s simple to wash the cover while keeping the pillow in use. The top selling pillows include:

  • Bare Naked – the Bare Naked nursing pillows are the cheapest that Boppy offer, coming in at around $30. They have no covers but are completely machine washable. You will have to buy any colored covers that you want as added extras, and these will set you back between $10 and $20 each.
  • Luxe – the Luxe range is all about helping your baby to move on from breastfeeding. While you can still use it to support your child during a feed, it is big enough and sturdy enough to support their full weight as they learn to sit by themselves. The ruffled edges also make it a great tool to help your child learn to push themselves up from a lying position. Expect to pay around $45 for a pillow with one cover added in.
  • Heirloom – the Heirloom nursing pillows have SlideLine rings installed which allows you to remember which side you last used for feeding. This may not sound incredibly useful know, but when you’re on the go it can be hard to keep track. The covers are also made from towel material meaning that they can double up as a burp cloth and are much more absorbent than the simple cloth covers. Again, these will go for between $40 and $50 depending on which website you choose.

You can also buy Boppy travel pillows for those times when you need to feed on the go. It clips shut at the corners meaning that you can fold it up into a carry bag for when you’re not using it. It comes with a stylish strap and the bottom side of the travel pillow is patterned and designed to be tough enough to withstand being used outside.

Twin Pillows

If you’re fortunate enough to be blessed with twins, your need for a feeding pillow will be even more. A twin pillow looks like a regular nursing-support pillow, apart from it is much wider and has room for both babies on at the same time.

While you won’t be feeding both babies at the same time, you’ll be using one breast for each baby one after the other. A twin pillow allows you to keep both close to you during feeding time. The San Diego Bebe range comes with a simple cover that attaches to your neck halter style and gives you privacy when you feed out in public.

While not an immediate necessity, you will want a couple of nursing pillows in place before you give birth. They make for great items to put on your shower list as people will see you using it on a regular basis and they come in fun and colorful designs.

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