Nursing Clothes

The market for nursing clothes can almost be overwhelming and it can be very tempting to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe in preparation. The dream of being one of these mothers who turns up everywhere immaculately dressed during her maternity leave is a good thing for which to aim.

However, in reality, you’ll find that babies are messy and that you feel uncomfortable and tired for the first couple of months. You’ll also want clothes that allow you to breast feed quickly and easily.

Breastfeeding Clothes


Your nursing wardrobe will contain a variety of clothes that are comfortable that give you and your baby easy access to your breasts. It won’t necessarily be very large, but you should still get a good range of the following nursing clothes to keep yourself happy:

  • Nursing dresses – the idea of wearing a dress may not be very appealing right now, but you’ll find them very comfortable and relaxing, especially when it comes to feeding your baby. If you’re not too bothered about modesty, you should look at getting a nursing dress with a string halter neck so that you can unroll the top half for easy access. If you’re a little more concerned about feeding in public, then find dresses with zips up the sides or the front. Remember that often some maternity dresses are designed to be used while nursing.
  • Nursing pajamas – there is possible nothing more satisfying than sitting in a warm house with a warm baby in your pajamas. Most traditional pajama tops are button ups which makes them ideal for breast feeding, but as you’re in the safety of your own home, the style doesn’t make too much difference as it will only be you and your partner who sees. Use this as an opportunity to treat yourself, and many expectant mothers buy either silk or flannel pajamas for comfort and absorbency during breastfeeding.
  • Nursing blouse – a nursing blouse will allow you to look smart while still being able to breastfeed. It’s a good compromise for mothers looking to go back to work after their maternity leave has ended but don’t want to give up breastfeeding when they get home. Blouses also mean you can go out to more formal occasions with your baby without looking like a slob and also allows you to retain a little of your fashion sense during the first few months.

Other Useful Nursing Clothes

Your wardrobe will contain plenty of the items mentioned already, but there are some other nursing clothes that make up part of an outfit that will be of great assistance to you:

  • Nursing shawl - a shawl may sound like a very old fashioned thing to wear, but it gives you a wide range of purposes when breastfeeding. When you’re out in public it can act as a cover for you and your baby as well as giving a bit of color and class to your outfit. In practical terms, it will double up as a burp cloth to help you clean up any throw up easily. With this in mind, you should pick shawls that are made from absorbent materials such as cotton or flannel.
  • Nursing tent – a new invention is slowly sweeping the nation. The nursing tent is a new invention combining a diaper bag with the need for modesty during breastfeeding. The best one on the market is the Ta Ta Tent measuring 66cm x 91cm and comes with numerous pockets, built in towels and straps to keep you and the baby covered. You may look a little strange from the outside but it’s one of the best ways to breastfeed in public.

You may want to consider carefully which nursing clothes you put on any shower register. Treat it the same way as getting regular clothes as presents. If you know and trust your friends and family’s sense of fashion, then go for it as it will save you money. Otherwise steer clear so you don’t have to end up wearing clothes you don’t like at a time when you’re already feeling uncomfortable.

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