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Nursery ideas are never far from the minds of many moms and dads, especially first-timers once they confirm the pregnancy. For most people, the designing bug will kick in after the first trimester, especially if they know whether it will be a boy or girl.

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For those parents who wish to keep the sex of their new addition a secret, they can still start looking at unique ways to create the décor. For those parents, keeping colors neutral is the first step, however, with so many beautiful colors, choosing may be a chore.

Some parents-to-be already have an idea of what they want, but for those who don’t, the Internet can be great source of inspiration. The Better Home and Gardens website has all types of modern decorating nursery ideas for those who need some help. Other websites that offer inspiration are Martha Stewart and Project Nursery. Before you start planning, remember your budget as this will help guide the process.

Designing a Nursery for Any Taste

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For parents who like the outdoors, a wild animal theme is one way to go. This can influence the color of the walls as well as the hangings and pictures for the wall. Hanging designs from the ceiling that you can change easily is worth considering. Having fun with pinks and pastels is one way to give life to a girl’s room. Some nursery ideas include using characters from Disney movies and cartoons to decorate the walls.

For a gender neutral room go with colors such as green, grey and beige. If you like science or you’re hoping for a kid who does, why not use this theme for the nursery. Make the ceiling into a celestial wonderland with stars and the moon. Adding appropriate designs and shapes is also good way to go. Spaceships and rockets come readily to mind as wall hangings and pictures.

Using themes from books, movies or activities that you love can reveal other ways to decorate the baby’s room. There is no rule that the design has to be one way or another, just always strive to make it a fun room. Using many natural colors may be perfect for one family but wild colors and jazzy shapes could be the right way to go for another.

Of importance in the early stage is the placement of furniture. The crib should ideally be close to the entrance and not surrounded by other furniture. This makes it easier to reach the crib when you put the baby to sleep or when a diaper change is necessary. For convenience, the changing table should be close to the crib.

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When putting together your nursery ideas, there are some things that all nurseries should have apart from a changing table, which include:

  • Pictures for babies to look at as their senses develop. These help them to develop their sense of recognition.
  • Incorporate some of your favorite cartoon or storybook characters as part of the design.
  • A comfortable chair for moms to sit in while breastfeeding or just holding baby. Dads can also use it when bottle-feeding or soothing babies.
  • Storage space to keep toys as babies will generally have quite a few and you need to be able to keep them out of the way.

Sometimes it is necessary to secure furniture to walls. This will help to prevent accidents, which may result in furniture falling over. Children grow quickly and they will climb and pull out drawers easily as they get bigger. Safety is a big part of designing and setting up a nursery.

It is easy to have fun when it comes to nursery ideas since there is no limit to what you can do. In fact, you can start simple and play it by ear as you go along. If you decide not to know the sex before the birth, afterwards you can add the right touches for a boy or a girl. If you would rather not stick to traditional gender colors, you can add decorations as your baby grows and develops their own personality. Also, remember that you will be spending a lot of time in this room so make it a little haven for you as well.

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