Newborn Baby Clothes

Talk to any mother about newborn baby clothes and you are going to get many different opinions. It is such a touchy subject because everyone has different views about what you need to buy, how many of each item and whether you should buy him or her brand new or second hand. What you will find agreement is the need for lots of clothes, especially when your baby is first born, as they tend to get them dirty on a regular basis.

A Starter Set

Gucci Gucci Goo Onesie
- $35.00

A perfect onesie for the fashionista shopper to be. A cute baby phrase the way it should be. Embellished with pink crystals for extra sparkle. Bloomers not included.

For a first time mother, it can be hard to know what infant boy clothes or infant girl clothes to get. If you take your information from television commercials, babies either wear just a diaper or a full jeans and t-shirt combo from the beginning. What you do not see is that most of those babies are at least six months old and that your newborn baby will actually be tiny.

A good starter set of newborn baby clothes to have for the first month or two includes:

  • Onesies – Onesies are possibly the single most used form of clothes that you can have for your newborn. They are easy to put on the baby, come in a whole range of colors, patterns and designs and are easy to wash. You will need at least three a day to start depending on your baby’s digestive system. A cute baby shower idea is to buy some blank onesies and ask your friends to personalize them for you.
  • Pants – If you are having a fall or winter baby, having some pants to go over the bottom of the onesies gives you some good outfits as well as keeping your baby warm. Try to find ones with built in socks, as it can be almost impossible to get a newborn to keep their socks on longer than five minutes.
  • Scratch mittens – Baby nails will grow at the same rate as adult nails and while they are still in the flailing stage, it is easy for them to scratch up their face and legs. Scratch mittens are tiny mittens that you can secure over their hands for protection.

Brand New Clothes

Some people find the idea of used baby clothing unattractive and nothing is wrong with buying a completely new set of clothes for your baby. The best stores for brand new baby clothes include:

  • Baby Gap – You will get the same high quality and smart outfits here, as you would find in a regular Gap, only in baby sizes. It is a good place to look for newborn baby clothes such as pants and sweaters, but you might struggle to find onesies. Expect to pay up to $20 for a pair of pants however.
  • Toys R Us – Do not let the name fool you. Toys R Us is a great place to find discount baby clothes. Do not expect great quality, but you can often find sets of three onesies with cute designs for under $10.
Unique Baby Clothes

You’ll actually find that a lot of your friends and family will like buying newborn baby clothes, so be sure to ask for these at your shower as they can quickly become the most expensive purchase you make.

Used Baby Clothing

If you are working on a budget or think that the idea of buying brand new newborn baby clothes is questionable, then you need to think about buying used or second hand clothes. Garage sales, yard sales or websites such as Ebay or Craigslist offer used baby clothing for a tiny fraction of their retail price. Buying discount baby clothes might be a good financial decision as you will be surprised how quickly babies grow from one size to the next.

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