Maternity Sleepwear

On Gossamer Violet Chemise & Thong Set

The type of maternity sleepwear you chose to wear to bed when pregnant can actually help you get a good sleep, which is one of the important health issues. With pajama bottoms that provide support around the waist and roomy nursing tops that can be worn after pregnancy, maternity clothes are not only functional and health promoting but attractive as well.

No longer do maternity night clothes consist of a long, plain white nightgown buttoning at the neck or an old pair of holey sweatpants. Instead, maternity fashions have exploded in popularity over the past few decades, giving rise to many brand-name maternity wear manufacturers that offer everything from comfy pajamas with feet to sexy, silk lingerie.

Benefits of Specially Designed Maternity Sleepwear

Wearing clothes that are too tight often leads to heartburn, a condition commonly suffered by many pregnant women. Abnormally high progesterone levels inhibit digestion, which means food remains in the stomach longer and has more of a chance of flowing upwards into the esophagus. Wearing clothes that constrict the chest and stomach promotes indigestion by helping to force acidic, undigested food into the chest and throat.

Maternity pants should be loose fitting also, since wearing tight-fitting pants can create conditions conducive to developing a yeast infection. Fungal infections thrive in warm, dark, consistently moist areas and if your pants are not "breathable" in that area of your body, you may have to make an additional trip to your doctor.

During pregnancy, especially late pregnancy, women tend to experience swelled feet and reduced circulation as a result of the hormonal and chemical changes occurring in the body. Wearing comfortable maternity clothing and maternity sleepwear can prevent worsening of slowed circulation and may also keep women from feeling periods of low blood pressure, or hypotension, upon arising from a sitting or lying down position. If you wear tight sleepwear at night, rising in the morning may cause you to feel dizzy and lightheaded due to impaired circulation.

Secret Fit Belly Maternity Legging

At Motherhood Sleepwear, pregnant women can purchase a unique sleepwear legging made with a breathable, light fabric capable of supporting and "hugging" your belly for optimal comfort. Secret Fit Belly® Jersey Knit maternity leggings can also be worn with the supporting section folded down as well if desired. The blend of spandex/modal/cotton fabric works to smooth the bumpiness of a large, pregnant belly and does not show a "maternity pants" borderline when worn with a fitted shirt. Leggings are machine washable and come in a variety of solid colors.

Crossover Nursing Sleep Shirts

The Gap Maternity Sleepwear offers fashionably tailored Crossover Nursing sleep shirts that are also made with a stretchable, breathable blend of modal, cotton and spandex materials. Short-sleeved with a V-neckline and crossover-at-the-bodice styling, nursing shirts are great to wear while pregnant as well as after pregnancy when nursing your baby. When worn with maternity leggings, these Gap sleep shirts provide extra room and comfort and you will not have painful rubbing of too-tight clothing interrupting your sleep.

Maternity Negligees

For hot summer nights when you want to remain as cool as possible or for those special, flirty moments with your significant other, Mommylicious Sexy Sleepwear offers a sassy, fun collection of negligees and nightgowns made with sheer, silky fabrics and designed to fit the pregnant body. Most are one size fits all and feature adjustable straps and matching underwear and this pretty lingerie will restore your feelings of being sexy and pretty.

Whether you are looking for comfort, warmth, coolness or sensuality, comfortable maternity sleepwear is available in all kinds of styles, colors and designs to accommodate your needs or the occasion.

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