Maternity Scrubs

Female health workers who keep working while pregnant need to purchase maternity scrubs to accommodate the rapid changes in their body size. “Scrubs” are a type of clothing that is worn in medical facilities and consist of loose-fitting tops and pants that allow health care workers to perform their job without feeling restricted by form-fitting clothing.

Because nurses and surgeons wore these uniforms during surgery as part of the sterile conditions necessary in the operating room, they received the name “scrubs” due to surgical teams “scrubbing up” before the surgical procedure.


In addition to having stretchable fabric panels sewed in the waistband, maternity scrubs also incorporate extra material in tops to give the pregnant health worker plenty of room to take care of patients. Since bending over, reaching across and assisting patients with daily hygiene comprise much of what nurses, LPNs and nursing aides do in a healthcare setting, wearing a uniform that permits a wide range of movements is important to being able to optimally perform their specific job.

Surgical scrubs, including maternity scrubs, are usually light blue or green in color. However, some of the larger hospitals in highly populated areas have resorted to using pink in order to prevent theft and misuse of scrubs. Medical workers employed in places that do not have surgery units, specific patient care wards or intensive care floors such as nursing homes, hospices and public medical facilities often wear multicolored or patterned scrubs.


Cherokee is a company that professionals recognize for its high-quality scrub pants and tops. At, you will find Cherokee Flexibles Maternity Wrap tops for sale that feature expandable side panels and an empire waist design with an adjustable drawstring. This top also includes several handy pockets and a crossover V-neck to accommodate upper body growth during pregnancy. Choose from a variety of professional colors of blue, brown, white, green and indigo, and sizes ranging from extra small to 3X.

The Cherokee Flexibles Maternity flare pant also has a stretchy, soft waistline panel and deep cargo pockets to hold work essentials without worrying about them falling out while on duty. Attractive topstitching and comfortable side vents add to the roominess these pants provide to women in their second and third trimester of pregnancy.


Cute maternity scrubs like the Hello Kitty top found at is a great way to provide amusement to patients and brighten their day. Along with delightful pictures of the famous Hello Kitty icon and lots of colorful swirls and polka dots decorating this scrub shirt, you will also benefit from the large front pockets, oval neckline, side vents and elastic gathering to flatter your figure no matter what month of pregnancy you are experiencing.

Other Uses for Scrubs

People working in many other professions also wear scrubs, such as dentists, dental assistants, veterinarians and beauticians. In fact, any job, which involves chemicals, blood, dirt and various undesirable substances that you have trouble removing from your clothing, will often use scrubs. Since scrubs are made of a cotton blend material, you can throw them into the washing machine, dry them quickly and they will remain stain-free if you pre-treat the certain, hard-to-remove stains. Unless accidentally torn or misused, scrubs will last for many years as well without significant fading or thinning.

Manufacturers design and make maternity scrubs to be comfortable so scrubs can also double as sleepwear for pregnant women. Since it is easy to put on and take off scrubs, women who are experiencing particularly rough pregnancies may find it simpler to wear scrubs to bed and as daytime wear if necessary.

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