Maternity Nursing Bras

You’ll find shopping for maternity nursing bras most rewarding if you shop in the month or so before your baby is due. This is because this will be the time when your breasts start to properly swell with milk and you’ll still have the energy to go shopping. It will be even better if you can get people to shop for you once your milk has fully come in, but by that point you’ll be exhausted and dealing with a new born baby.

Key Differences

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Many expectant mothers don’t realize the big differences that exist between regular bras and maternity nursing bras. Nursing bras are specifically designed to be more comfortable as well as giving you much easier access to your breasts and nipples for feeding. When you’re shopping around, use these tips to help you choose:

  • Back first – it’s tempting to shop for maternity nursing bras in the same way as you’d approach regular bra shopping by looking at the cup size first then the back. However, when you’re breastfeeding, you’ll be carrying a lot more weight on your chest, so you need to get your back measured correctly first so that you can spread the extra weight better.
  • Easy snaps – some nursing bras are easier to operate than others and you’ll need to spend some time working out which design works best for you. The easiest and most common type unclips at the top which means you have to lift your top a lot to get the baby to the nipple. A little harder to undo but a little more practical are the bottom opening bras which clip in two places at the bottom of the cup. This gives your baby much easier access but is harder to do up due to the location.

Top Brands

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One of the most important items of clothing you’ll need during your maternity leave are breastfeeding bras. Notice the use of the plural as you’ll go through maternity nursing bras much quicker than your regular day to day bras. This is because your nipples will leak considerably to begin with and the last thing your sore breasts will need is to rub against wet cloth all day. The best nursing bras on the market are:

  • Bravado – beyond the corny name, these bras are made from silk so will feel like heaven once you’ve started breastfeeding. They come in all cup and back sizes imaginable and have elasticized straps which will allow for the engorgement of your breasts. Expect to pay between $40 and $50 per bra, which puts it in the middle of the market.
  • Bella Materna – Bella Materna are worth looking at for your bra needs throughout pregnancy, but their Anytime Bralet range for maternity are especially good. They all come with removable pads which will provide invaluable cushioning each time you wear them. They are also one of the few companies to offer maternity bras in sexy colors and patterns while maintaining a comfortable fit. Each bra will cost around $50 to $55 making them a little more expensive than most.
  • Lamaze – the full fit comfort bra by Lamaze is made from microfiber rather than cotton making it much more absorbent but a little bit harder to wash correctly. It comes with buckles that are designed to be easily undone with just one hand which is perfect for when you’re trying to juggle a baby around. They are the cheapest of the quality brands coming in at between $20 and $30 per bra.
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Whichever brand of maternity nursing bras you choose, you’ll want to look carefully at the washing care instructions. Each will be made from a different material which may shrink or get damaged if you wash it incorrectly. You’ll also want to make sure that they feel nice and soft against your skin.

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