Maternity Lingerie

Maternity lingerie might seem like an unusual piece of attire, but many pregnant women still want to look and feel sexy. The variety of styles makes finding the perfect fit fun and easy. At one time, many people saw maternity underwear as unattractive, but many mainstream underwear designers are now making sexy garments just for the pregnant woman.


It is no secret that some women feel less confident about their bodies due to the effects of pregnancy, such as the weight gain and hormonal changes. If you are thinking of buying these items for yourself, you will find that it is a worthwhile investment. Many of the types available will flatter your figure and put you in the mood for those intimate moments.

As a gift, maternity lingerie is the ideal choice for a man to give his expectant partner. This is especially true if she is feeling a little less attractive. Just keep in mind that buying intimate apparel of any type can be tricky, as you might have to make allowances for a larger bust and a bigger belly, depending on the stage of the pregnancy.

Buying Maternity Lingerie

The fact that designers make these creations just for pregnant women does not mean that one piece will easily fit all body types. Aside from height differences, proportions are different for each woman, so understanding the size is important, whether you are buying it for yourself or for someone else. Visiting a store takes a lot of the challenge out of the process of buying maternity lingerie, but you can also buy them online with little worry, as long as the seller takes steps to keep things simple.

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The right bra measurement is an essential component of overall comfort for any type of garment for pregnant women. To save yourself the hassle, and to get the most for your money, only deal with online sellers that offer fitting guides. You will need to provide basic measurements like your bust and hip size to get the right fit. The website might even offer helpful tips on measuring yourself correctly.

Keep in mind that your bust size in the first or second trimester will not necessarily be the same in the third trimester. If the top becomes uncomfortable, it is best to discontinue wearing the garment, as if it is too tight, it can cause discomfort for already tender breasts.

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Shopping for Maternity Underwear

If you already have a favorite intimate apparel brand then your choice will be a little simpler. However, do not limit yourself only to the brands you already know, as you might find some great surprises with lesser-known labels and you could end up saving as well.

The beauty of going with popular brands is that they usually have vast selections from which to choose, although some women tend to stick with specialty brands because they feel that these companies get it right. Hotmilk is one of those brands that specialize in maternity underwear. The popular line, Pea in the Pod carries an extensive fashion range for pregnant women, and not surprisingly, they have an intimate wear collection for moms-to-be as well.

The idea of maternity lingerie may come as a surprise to some people to consider, but the demand for these items continues to grow as women embrace their sexuality at all stages of their lives. Simply put, maternity underwear meets the desire of women to continue to be attractive while pregnant. With a growing number of options, it helps if you fully explore what is available before making a purchase, and note also that many maternity undergarments now have maternity nursing bras conveniently added as part of the design.

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