Maternity Jeans

Maternity jeans are a staple part of most expectant mothers’ maternity clothing wardrobe. The right type of maternity wear can grow with the mommy-to-be, as she gets larger as her belly move from barely there to a beach ball.

How to Buy Maternity Clothes

Getting the most comfortable maternity wear that still looks great will take a little work on your part. Some women start feeling their clothes getting tight around the waist from the first trimester. This is especially true for skirts and pants.

Since many women love a nice pair of jeans, finding maternity jeans early in a pregnancy is a good idea. The first step in buying maternity clothing is to keep comfort in mind. Pregnancy, while an exciting time comes with its own challenges for some moms-to-be, so why not be comfy and fashionable? Some tips and tricks for buying maternity wear include:

  • Make sure that the material is comfortable, this means selecting material that can breathe. Pregnant women tend to get hot easily so cooler fabrics are the best option.
  • If you are having one baby, you can normally buy maternity clothes in your regular size, however, you are pregnant with more than one baby larger sizes will be necessary.
  • As silly as it seems, using a pillow or fake belly will help you to get a feel of the maternity clothing before buying it. This will also give you an idea of how you will look as you get bigger in the third trimester of your pregnancy.

If you love jeans and feel that you cannot go without them while pregnant, you don’t have to. You will be able to find maternity jeans in all your favorite styles such as skinny, bootleg or straight. Since you do not want to be buying different sizes as your belly grows from one trimester to the next, consider two or three pairs in different sizes.

Other things to consider when shopping for maternity jeans to determine how they will fit your growing baby bump are:

  • An over-the-bump waistband tends to have stretchy material that expands as your waistline grows.
  • Under-the-bump waistbands are more to some expectant moms’ taste, especially women who do not like having constricting clothing around their bellies.
  • Drawstrings are popular with many women for many reasons, including the fact that they can easily adjust the fit of the waistband as they need to for comfort’s sake.
  • Adjustable side panels are great for the second and third trimester as the expectant mom can slowly expand the waist as her belly grows. Some of these have elastic at the back while the front has the normal zipper and button of regular jeans.
  • Elastic waistbands are a pregnant woman’s best friend as the material around the waist stretches for her growing tummy. For this to remain comfortable, it is important to make sure that the elastic in the waistband is soft and will stretch without constricting the belly as her baby grows.

Fitting a few types is the only way to be sure which is the best fit for you and your lifestyle. The style and comfort levels may depend on your overall size. Special designs are available for plus-sized moms-to-be.

Even if you plan to buy online, going to a store to try on different styles makes sense, otherwise, make sure the online store has a good return policy. Remember also that for many women other body parts such as hips and bottoms will get larger, so keep this in mind when shopping for maternity pants of any type.

Some good brands to look for when shopping for stylish and comfortable jeans are J Brand and Paige Premium Robertson Maternity Jeans. Other top denim designers are now making maternity lines so you may be able to find a pair or two from your favorite designer.

If you buy maternity jeans, you will find them quite comfy after giving birth. This is especially true for the first few months before your body returns to its pre-pregnancy stage. A good pair of maternity pants can serve through more than one pregnancy so it makes sense to pay a little extra for the best brands.

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