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Maternity dresses have to meet more than one requirement for pregnant women. It is no secret that as the baby develops, the mother’s body usually undergoes significant changes. Aside from the growing belly, you often have to contend with an increase in weight, and naturally, this makes dressing in the typical fashion somewhat difficult for most women.

For a pregnant woman, comfort is a major concern and you cannot wear constricting clothing since it is not only uncomfortable, it can also pose a risk to the baby. Loose fitting clothing made of breathable material is usually the standard for expectant moms. The evolution of styles allows expectant women to wear close fitting clothing that is not too tight or uncomfortable, but finding the right maternity wear that meets these criteria is not always easy.

Understanding Sizes

Many women are genuinely surprised by the amount of weight gained during pregnancy. It is almost impossible to predict how a newly pregnant woman will look in her second or third trimester and this is true even for women who have had more than one child. Two major factors to consider are the increase in bust size and the growing tummy.

The design of some dresses allows women to wear them throughout most of their pregnancy. Some designers take into consideration the fact that as the belly grows, so will other body parts such as the breast and hips. As such, it is usually advisable to buy a few dresses that are a little loose at first, since your body will grow into it over time.

It is not unusual for some pregnant women to buy clothing that is a few sizes too large and ask their seamstress to alter them. This makes it possible to adjust it to fit as their tummies grow. This is a good way to save money since this means that you do not have to buy different maternity dresses for each trimester.

How to Buy Clothing When Pregnant

With the abundance of available styles, women have no shortage of clothing options during their pregnancy. Still, a few women have trouble making the right selections for everyday wear, but also when buying maternity clothing for special occasions. Maternity dresses are available for every setting, from casual attire to elegant eveningwear. With this in mind, knowing what to look for can make the process easier. Some things to bear in mind when shopping for pregnant women are:

  • Durability - The clothes should be able to withstand normal everyday routines and repeated cleaning.
  • The right fabric - Some pregnant women encounter skin sensitivity issues for the first time. It is usually best to wear clothes made from natural material like cotton. Synthetic fibers could cause irritation or at the very least mild itching. The material should stretch while still providing comfort and support.
  • Long-term wear - It is important to question if the dress you are buying will be able to fit you in three months or nine.
  • The right size - Do not buy extra-large clothing just because you anticipate weight gain. It is better to have a few high quality maternity dresses than a closet full of inferior clothes.

The Right Accessories

As with normal, everyday wear, accessories can be an important part of the look for pregnant women. The support band is an especially important accessory for pregnant women. It can easily fit under the dress, providing support for the back, which means less strain for the mother.

Tasteful jewelry and attractive bags can also complete the look for the pregnant mother. Ideally, anything you use at this time should be light enough for you to move around comfortably. Some pregnant women prefer to wear accessories that are essential to their comfort such as maternity support hose and the right shoes.

Affordability is important when buying maternity dresses. Brands like Loved by Heidi Klum, Pea in a Pod and Rosie Pope have good reputations for delivering quality products that fit most budgets. For convenience, many women like to buy maternity clothing online, since the prices are reasonable, but it is important to pay attention to the sizes available, and the material. If buying online, the store should ideally have a return policy that is easy to use.

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