Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes-just another excuse to go shopping, as if you need a reason to spend money on looking your best. You can find modern styles, staples, comfort pieces and those that offer support and coverage at a price within your budget. From Paris to New York, whether you are a simple Sally or self-proclaimed fashionista, you can have the maternity wardrobe you want and deserve.

Paris Meets Chicago


A Chicago-based company, Seraphine carries Parisian maternity clothes that are sure to have you turning heads and feeling beautiful. If you enjoy nights out, have an office job or often find yourself at business dinners, weddings or other formal events, Seraphine has a Luxe collection designed to suit every one of these functions. A black, A-line dress made in England of French lace with a silk and satin belt is sure to make you the talk of every soiree you attend, as no one is going to believe you are pregnant yet able to look runway ready.

Worried your significant other sees your baby bump as unattractive, than try a silk print tunic matched with a pair of leggings and if you are comfortable, heels for an evening out on the town. The colorful prints, fitted pants, accentuated lower leg muscle and soft, flaring top are sure to make you glow and remind your partner exactly why he fell in love with you in the first place.

Do A Little Dance

No matter what maternity clothes you choose to cover your baby bump, as long as you have it, it is going to lead your every move, which may be how Belly Dance got its name. Another Chicago based retailer, this store prides itself on emphasizing the importance of nursing attire, which plays a significant role in your post-baby body and the transition back to your pre-baby figure. For a casual day out with your newborn baby, you may find a simple NOM maternity tank top with snaps, available in different colors and patterns, appropriate and convenient for easy feeding.

When you are ready to show your little one off at a function, Belly Dance can provide you with some maternity clothes that are both suitable for the occasion and allow you to feed your baby. A short black NOM dress could offer a summer casual look or act as a temporary replacement for your normal little black party dress.

If the event is casual or you prefer to show less skin, after all you are now a mom, a knee length stripe tank dress or a long, flowy navy maxi dress might be just right for time spent with friends or relatives.

When the day is over and you and your baby are ready for bed, an Olian Anne nursing pajama set in blue with white lace trim on the tank top and polka dots on the pants and matching robe, can help you feed your little one before falling asleep and throughout the night.

Modest Maternity Clothing

Some people like modesty, especially moms, and for less revealing, more concealing clothes for maternity, you might consider the GAP. This store is a staple that sells staples and they have everything from underwear to outerwear and accessories. If you are just starting to show or already had your baby and are nursing, you can find affordable, modest, colorful and stylish clothes at the GAP.

Among the customer top picks are short sleeve tees and tanks from the Pure Body collection, cowl neck tunics, long or boot cut jeans and the stretch cotton underwear. These staples, especially when on sale, can offer you flexibility in your budget so you can splurge on the cardigans, wraps, sweaters or other layering items that go over the tees you wear with the jeans.

Maternity clothes really are no different from anything else you wear when you are not pregnant, except they vary in cut and can cost more since they are a specialty item and a necessity. Still, you do not have to spend more or settle for less, as a wide selection of baby bump cover-ups awaits you.

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