Jewelry for New Mothers

Buying jewelry for new mothers is always a great idea. It is the norm to buy gifts after the birth of a baby, but some dads like to give their wives gifts upon hearing of the pregnancy. Few things last longer than jewelry, which is a gift any new mom could cherish for a long time.

With so many options available, it is not difficult to find pieces to suit even the most discerning tastes. This also makes it easy to find the right gift regardless of your budget.

Buying Jewelry for New Mothers


Knowing what type of jewelry a woman likes makes the task of buying for her much easier. To help you determine what to buy if you are not sure, ask yourself some questions such as:

  • Does the new mom prefer sterling silver, or is gold more suited to her taste?
  • Is she big on costume jewelry or does she prefer ethnic pieces?

Think about the type of outfits she likes and get pieces that will complement these. Asking for help in finding just what she likes or need from close family members or friends is another option. Since this is not always possible, especially when it comes to jewelry, something understated might be the best option. This way, you will not run the risk of buying something she might think is gaudy. After all, you want to buy her something she will treasure and want to wear.

If buying a gemstone, you will need to determine whether you want to a buy a natural or synthetic one. Natural gemstones come from mines, but they do undergo light work to make the color more attractive.

Synthetic types, as the names suggests, are the result of a manufacturing process. Good quality synthetic stones are attractive, especially considering the work that goes into making them.

If she loves gemstones, make sure to buy the most attractive ones whether natural or synthetic. Some of the options that would make great gift ideas for the new mom are:


Mothers Birthstone Necklaces - Filigree Celtic Sterling Silver Oval Mother's Pendant with 1 Birthstone

It goes without saying that this is the ideal piece of jewelry for celebrating an addition to the family. A bit of research might be necessary if you are unsure of the right stone for a particular month. The pieces that feature these stones come in various styles, so the buyer will have no shortage of options. Some moms have birthstones that represent each of their children. This makes it even easier as you can buy her a pendant or charm with her birthstone or one with the birthstone of the new addition to the family.


14K Two Tone Gold Large Mother & Child Diamond Pendant

The visibility of these pieces makes them ideal for showing and being great conversation starters. It can be a simple necklace to say, ‘thank you for having my baby’ or to commemorate the birth.

If money is not an issue, including a pendant with a birthstone is also possible. The design of the piece could also be significant and fitting for the occasion. Jewelry for new mothers featuring designs of nursery rhyme characters, cradles or babies are common.

Personalized Pieces

Of course, anyone who wants to make a personal statement can have a jeweler design a custom piece. This will cost a bit more, since it will not be available for the mass market. Take some time to select the right person or jewelry company for the job.

If you are unable to come up with your own design, you could pay a designer to create something unique just for the mother-to-be. To add your personal touch you can suggest something significant to include in the design that she will understand and appreciate.

Charm bracelets, lockets, rings and earrings are also good ideas for jewelry for new mothers. If she already owns more than one necklace, consider getting her a locket to add to it. You can also arrange to put a picture of the new baby inside so she can always have it close to her heart. You could also inscribe a heartfelt message inside for her to read whenever she wants to.

Simply buying just any piece of jewelry will not do in this case. Having a baby is a significant chapter in the life of any woman and giving a gift before she gives birth or even after will undoubtedly show that you care. With a little care and thought, buying jewelry for new mothers can be an easy and fun task.

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