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If you’ve decided to go down the disposable route, you should try Huggies diapers as one of the first brands. It’s important to try a range of diaper brands as your baby will very quickly show a preference. You’ll also find a wide range in how long they will last between changes as well as how well they trap smells. Huggies regularly out perform their competitors and score highly on value for money as well.

Unique Features

One of the reasons that Huggies stands out from the crowd is the amount of money and time that they have put into researching the perfect diaper. The company is keen to make sure that they are making a product that not only does the job of keeping your baby as dry as possible but that actively helps you and your baby. Some of the unique features of Huggies diapers include:

  • LeakLock – LeakLock technology is brand specific to Huggies and is a relatively new addition to their products. It was designed in conjunction with NASA who needs their astronauts to go for hours without needing a change. The LeakLock crystals are super absorbent, which will help your baby to sleep for longer as well as saving you money, as you’ll need to change your baby less often.
  • Wetness indicator – One problem facing you with any variety of diapers is to know when your baby needs to be changed. It’s fairly obvious when it’s a dirty diaper but for just wet diapers it can be hard to tell. Often your baby will tell you by screaming but to begin with it’s hard to differentiate their cries. The Wetness indicator is a strip down the front of the diaper that starts off yellow and turns blue as your baby wets. It’s a great invention to help solve a decades old problem.
  • Baby shaped – The idea that a diaper needs to be baby shaped may seem bizarre but once you’ve tried a few different brands you’ll find that not all diapers are made the same. Huggies diapers have made an effort to make sure that the diaper moves with your child as they learn to control of their legs and chests. This means that it has fewer gaps with a reduced chance of leakage.

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Adapting to Your Baby’s Age

Huggies diapers come in six separate stages aimed at different weights. The obvious difference is the size and fit of the diaper which will increase with the size and weight of your baby. However, each of the stages comes with its own adaptations:

  • Newborns – The key difference here is the cutaway at the front for the umbilical cord stump, which will stick around for the first few weeks. It’s important to clean the stump and prevent infection, until it falls off naturally.
  • Stage 1 and 2 – At this age and weight, your baby will produce a lot of liquid stools. Huggies have specifically designed diapers at the first two stages to have a better seal with double leg gussets to keep more of the liquid inside until you’re ready to change you baby.
  • Stages 3, 4 and 5 – This is the stage when you first see the Wetness indicator appear. You’ll also find that diapers for these stages focus more on keeping your baby mobile rather than keeping them dry for longer as this is the weight and age when your baby starts to crawl.

You can find wholesale boxes of Huggies diapers, which work out at less than 15 cents per diaper. Have a look in your local wholesale store and if that does not work, look online, as you’ll find a cheaper deal even with the costs of shipping.

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