Cheap Maternity Clothes

You might frown at the thought of having to wear cheap maternity clothes because they made your best friend look frumpy, your cousin look more like your aunt than a newlywed or because you find them to be a waste of money at any price. The fact is though, you can look stylish, flatter your pregnant figure and do it all at a great cost because you are about to find out where to shop.

An Oldie but Goodie


One of the best places to buy cheap maternity clothes is Old Navy, as they have a range of styles, are reliable for staples and break down the items you should buy in each trimester, as well as after your pregnancy. During the first trimester, they recommend layers and fitted but flexible pieces so you can conceal your baby bump, if you so desire, and because these pieces are transitional, they work when you are in between sizes. A simple staple that could easily pass as a regular blouse is Old Navy’s long-sleeved, white diamond top that retails for around $20.

In the second trimester, your choices in maternity clothes should shift towards looser tops and low-rise jeans, as these offer more comfort for you and your growing baby. Old Navy has an affordable line of skinny corduroys that sit below your belly and come in pink for those of you who like color, dark blue, providing you with an everyday staple, or brown, which is perfect for the fall.

If you do not like corduroys, this retailer also carries jeggings as part of its cheap maternity clothes line. Ranging in price from $20-$40 based on color, you can pace in pink on Monday, boast in blue on Tuesday, glow in green on Wednesday, enjoy coffee and cream in caramel on Thursday, prance around in plum on Friday, be obstreperous in orange on Saturday and do wash on Sunday.

For your last trimester, you should try longer shirts or dresses, as you can no longer hide your baby bump with shorter tees or fitted tops. To keep you cool during hot flashes, try a pale red chiffon print blouse for only $14 or to keep warm in a chilly office, you might try a black and white stripe, belted cardigan for under $45.

Maternity Clothes Online

Another thrifty way to shop for cheap maternity clothes is to surf the web, as you can find a number of clearance events, designer discounts, or retailers specializing in pre-owned items. One such online vendor is Nine Little Months, which sells gently used items that vary in size, style and name brand.

If your go-to pregnancy clothing store is Motherhood Maternity, you can find one of their sheer green, long-sleeved tops with lace accent for less than $15 at Nine Little Months. For designer maternity wear, such as a pair of black Liz Lange yoga pants that only cost $16, you can also go to this online store full of gently used pregnancy clothes.

You may also visit other online sites such as Amazon or eBay, as both offer competitive prices, occasionally ship free and you never know what you can find on these types of Internet sales venues.

If you always have to look your best or just cannot stomach the idea of spending a thousand dollars or more on clothes to wear for a couple of months, then look for cheap maternity clothes, as you can find exactly what you want at a reasonable price. Even if you are not a penny pincher, it is still fun to brag to your friends about what a thrifty shopping diva you are; your baby is so lucky.

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