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For many parents, one essential piece of furniture in a nursery is a changing table, but before running out and buying this piece of furniture, you need to think about what you want. As is the norm with buying these items, you should first work out your budget, and next, think about the décor and the size of the nursery. Finally, you should determine if you prefer a new one, or whether a used one is acceptable, but used items will require more scrutiny for the sake of the baby’s safety.


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Keeping the baby safe is the first consideration when buying any baby nursery furniture, and it especially important when buying a crib and a changing table. It is important to check to make sure that it is sturdy and that the legs are secure. Most importantly, test it to see if it wobbles, as this is a clear indication that it is not stable enough to use for a baby.

Some parents like the security of having rails, but for them to be useful, make sure that they do not shake. To increase the stability of baby furniture, consider affixing the units to the wall or floor. You can also consider buying anti-tip straps such as the KidCo Anti-tip furniture strap or The Parent Units Heavy Duty Topple Stop Furniture Fastening System or Anti-Tip Anchoring Systems. As a final safety note, always stop using it when your baby reaches the maximum age and size the manufacturer recommends.


Apart from these safety issues, look for the following when choosing a changing table for your baby’s nursery:

  • Make sure that the height and width are right for the mom or the main person who will be using it. The height of these pieces of furniture varies so a taller mom should buy a higher table than a shorter mom. One way to determine the right height is to visit a store and bend over it as if changing a baby to see how it feels. If you have to bend too low, you will be uncomfortable and may even end up with back pains. If the changing table is too high, it could put strain on your arms and you may even find it difficult to change your baby. The width is important, as you have to make the most effective use of the available space.
True Modern Changing Table Dresser in Blue
  • Storage for diapers, wipes and creams is also necessary part of any furniture for changing babies. The more storage the better as this makes it convenient to have everything within easy reach. If the table does not have enough storage space for these items, check if it is possible to place storage baskets underneath it.
  • Changing pads come standard with these pieces of baby nursery furniture. During the first couple of months, they are nice to have on the table, and although experts recommend using the pad that comes with the unit, this is not always possible with antiques or a table you get from a friend or family member. Parents who embrace the green movement can buy changing pads made from cotton. Some brands of these are Pure & Simple Eco-Friendly Contoured Changing Pad, Safety 1st Eco-Friendly Contour Changing Pad and Shades of Green Eco-Friendly Contour Changing Pads. Whether you choose disposables alone or a combination of covers, make sure that they are waterproof.
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While it is possible to go without using a changing table, the convenience of having one is hard to beat. Having a simple way to keep all your changing supplies in one place is a bonus for any parent who buys one. Apart from the convenience they offer, they can also help to complete the look of a baby’s nursery.

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