Having a selection of bellybands can be a great way to reduce the stress on your back as you enter the final trimester of your pregnancy. Not only are you carrying the weight of your baby in your womb but you are also carrying an extra ten pounds or so of placenta, uterus lining and umbilical cord around your middle. All of this extra weight constantly pulls you forward as you move around and your back muscles fight to keep you from falling over. Any sort of support for your stomach will help reduce the pull of your baby and lessen the work demanded of your back muscles.

Different Levels of Support

Maternity Belly Band - Patchwork

Like many pregnancy products, you have a wide choice of bellybands from which to choose. What will make your decision for you is how you like to carry weight when you were not pregnant. The following are different ways that bellybands can support your pregnancy stomach:

  • Abdomen – This is by far and away the most common form of pregnancy band. It is simply an elasticized ring of fabric that goes around your lower back and covers your whole belly. The band should fit snuggly without feeling like it is constraining you and the majority of the fabric should sit underneath to support the belly from underneath.
  • Shoulder – Some expectant mothers find the abdomen supports to be too restricting and do not like the feel of their whole belly being covered. If you are one of these people, you might want to look at bellybands with shoulder straps. A small strip of fabric wraps round the bottom of your belly with two shoulder loops that stretch up and over your arms. This feels much more comfortable if you usually prefer to carry extra weight on your shoulders or plan to walk around a lot during the final three months.
  • Groin – Bands that aim to support your groin are a godsend if you find that being pregnant is putting a lot of pressure on your bottom or groin. The band looks like a normal belly band with the addition of two long Velcro straps. These reach between your legs and cross over, pulling your whole stomach up using the structure of your pelvic region.

Best Buys

When you are searching for the right belly band, you will find the following brands useful to look at first:

  • Baby Belly Band – The Baby Belly Band brand contains all three levels of support in their range with a unique twist. They have one style of belly band that is strapped by Velcro for abdomen support. The shoulder and groin straps are then additional extras that use Velcro to secure it to the base layer. The original band will set you back around $40 and the additional straps will cost between $20 and $30 each.
  • Mama Band – The Mama Band is your typical belly band made from a latex mix with a Velcro pad at the back for security and additional support. The main reason to check these out is that they can be personalized. The whole range allows you to put a luggage tag saying “Made in (Your Home City)” which will then show across your belly. This is a unique personal touch and makes for a great accessory for your final trimester photo shoot. They also are the cheapest on the market at $16.
  • Belevation – The main reason to look at Belevation bands is if you were already a plus size before you got pregnant. Their bands are specifically designed to offer support for plus size figures as well as being large enough to stretch around your back. They are also unique for not charging extra, so you will pay a flat $21 for any band.

Putting bellybands on your shower list gives your guests a good medium price range gift to buy that you will use for the whole of the final trimester.

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