Baby Travel Systems

You may be surprised at the sheer number of baby travel systems that you will need once your baby is born. Many pregnant women tend to have an idealized vision of carrying their babies in their arms on walks in the park. However, the actual reality of motherhood is that you will have times when you need to get somewhere quickly or your baby starts to become very heavy in your arms. It is at these times that having some extra help will make your life a lot easier.

Baby Car Seats

Via 35-I470 Infant Car Seat - Elegance Black

While specific recommendations for your infant car seat can be found at, you will need to make a decision about the style of car seat before choosing a particular brand. The first option is a click in, click out system. The most common format for this is a large plastic base that straps into the seat using the seat belt. You then have a hand held baby carrier which clips into the base unit, which does mean that one seat of the car is permanently out of action but makes it very easy to get the baby in and out of the vehicle.

The second option is a large seat with newborn inserts. The whole seat buckles in underneath the padding and you simply lift your baby in and out of the seat in the same you would if they were in the full chair. You can also take the whole car seat out if you do not want to wake the baby, but you will find they can be very heavy and a little unwieldy to move.

Walking Travel Systems

Sasha's Britax Lightweight Stroller Sun and Wind Cover

Once you are out of your car, you will need a variety of other baby travel systems to help you get around. The most common of these are baby strollers with many different varieties available depending on their use:

  • Lightweight strollers – Sometimes called an umbrella stroller, it looks flimsy when you buy it and tends to be a simple combination of lightweight fabric and metal with wheels. The main reason to have one is that they fold up much smaller than regular strollers and open much quicker. They are ideal for quick shopping trips or visits to someone’s house.
InStep Grand Safari Swivel Single Jogger
  • Jogging strollers – Devoted runners will be disappointed to find out that they need to wait at least six months before they can use a jogging stroller to take their baby with them. You will need one with a three-wheel basis for easy turning and the tires should have deep treads to allow you to go off pavement if needed. Finally, make sure your jogging stroller comes with waterproof covers.
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  • Regular strollers – Your day-to-day stroller will most likely be the most expensive thing that you buy. It is easy to spend well over $1000 so make sure you are getting value for money. One of the most popular baby travel systems combines a baby carrier that clips into either the stroller or the car seat meaning you only need to buy one set of equipment. The minimum features should include a rain cover, cold weather protector and storage space for shopping and the diaper bag.

Sleeping Away from Home

BabyHome Dream Portable Crib

The final baby travel systems you will need are those for when you go away for the night. The most important one that you will need is a porta cot or a pack and play, which is essentially a portable cot. This means that your baby will always have somewhere familiar to sleep as well as meaning that you do not have to rely on your family to have a permanent crib waiting for you.

The sheer cost of baby travel systems make them a great thing to ask for as part of your shower registry. You may find it easier to suggest that people give you money towards a particular stroller or buy small accessories like umbrellas or rain covers to give the gift givers a range of options.

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