Pregnancy Start to Finish

Gathering all the items needed to make pregnancy start to finish a more comfortable and pleasant experience primarily involves understanding what differentiates the first, second and third trimester from each other. During the first three months, or the first trimester, of a pregnancy, the majority of expectant mothers usually experience only small changes in their body that do not yet require wearing maternity clothes.

A pregnant body in the first trimester may gain as much as 10 or 15 pounds or as little as five pounds if the new mother suffers from severe morning sickness. Towards the end of the first nine weeks, however, she may start to notice that her pants are becoming hard to fasten and her brassiere is feeling a bit tight all around.


The Pregnancy Start to Finish Shopping Guide

All new mothers feel overwhelmed and uncertain after suddenly discovering they are going to have a baby. Already having a list of items written down that you will need or may want over the next nine months can help you feel more organized and less bewildered about the newness of your condition.

First Trimester Shopping Guide

After you find out you are pregnant, and before the end of your third month, you you'll probably shop for these:

  • Pregnancy journal
  • Maternity jeans
  • Pregnancy books that discuss what to expect in regards to bodily changes as the pregnancy progresses
  • Comfortable pair of shoes maybe no more heels for awhile
  • Plus size maternity clothes if you are a plus-size woman prior to being pregnant

Second Trimester Shopping


During the fourth, fifth and sixth month of pregnancy you may want to consider obtaining the following:

  • Pregnancy announcements
  • Skin moisturizers or stretch mark lotions
  • Maternity dresses
  • Maternity lingerie or other stylish maternity clothes
  • Fetal Doppler
  • Nursery items

The latest trendy item finding its way into many pregnant women's homes is the fetal Doppler, a handheld device that allows you to hear the heartbeat of the fetus as well as his or her movements and even hiccups. Users can also record sounds and share them with others via computer or iPod.

Pregnancy Start to Finish: The Last Trimester

During the seventh, eighth and ninth month, expectant mothers begin readying for the arrival of a little boy or girl by thinking about nursery ideas, baby supplies and newborn baby clothes. By this time, mothers know the sex of their child if they want to know, and can purchase "blue" things or "pink" things without worrying about choosing the wrong color.

Pregnancy comfort is becoming increasingly important at this stage, since most women have gained 30 or more pounds by now and are experiencing difficulty walking and sleeping, swelled feet and an aching lower back. To relieve some of the discomfort of late-stage pregnancy, items such belly bands and pregnancy pillows can provide support for a growing stomach and ease muscle strain felt by the back and shoulders.

Soon-to-be-mothers will also want to start accumulating such necessary items as:

  • Baby diapers
  • Nursing accessories and nursing wear, such as nursing pillows, nursing clothes, maternity nursing bras and infant feeding schedule chart
  • Baby travel systems, which includes infant car seat, diaper bag, changing pad and pumpkin seat

Pregnancy Start to Finish Gifts Ideas

Expectant mothers as well as fathers always enjoy receiving gifts throughout the exciting nine-month period of a pregnancy. To show her appreciation for all the support he provides, soon-to-be-mothers can give expectant fathers gifts as well, and vice versa. Customized T-shirts, coffee cups or buttons with sayings like "Father-to-be" or "Baby Bump Below" are fun, inexpensive gifts to give at any time during the pregnancy.

Unique Baby Clothes

Having a baby is an exciting, joyful time enhanced by pregnancy start to finish items and gifts that will help streamline the transition to motherhood and fatherhood and give new mothers the ability to care for their baby in the best way possible.